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感谢您一直以来对KIKC的大力支持!欢迎在这里提出关于我们的 意见和建议。我们将会根据您的宝贵意见, 进一步提高店铺的服务质量 和商品的品质。真心感谢您的宝贵意见!
Thank you for your great support for KIKC all along!Welcome to put forward your opinions and suggestions for us here. We will further improve the quality of service and the quality of the goods in the shops according to your valuable advice. Thank you so much for your valuable advice!
  • 公司地址:广州市南沙区东涌镇洲兴街32号(1号厂房)一层
  • 投资热线:400-100-3122
  • 售后电话:400-668-2909
  • 服务时间:周一至周五 09:00-17:30
  • 电子邮件
  • Company address:The first floor, No. 32 (No. 1 factory building), Zhouxing Street, Dongyong Town, Nansha District, Guangzhou City
  • Investment hotline:400-100-3122
  • After sale telephone:400-668-2909
  • Service time:09:00-17:30 from Monday to Friday
欢迎在这里提出关于我们的 意见和建议。
我们将会根据您的宝贵意见, 进一步提高店铺的服务质量 和商品的品质。
Thanks for your continued support for the KIKC!
Welcome here for comments and suggestions about us.
We will be based on your valuable advice, to further improve the quality of
service shops and the quality of goods.
Sincerely thank you for your valuable advice!
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